Low-cost airlines will start flying to Montijo from 2018

Low-cost airlines will start flying to Montijo from 2018

Low-cost airlines will start flying to Montijo from 2018, and Portela shall remain the main airport of Lisbon. This week’s VISÃO reveals an exclusive article with all the details of the plan which is being negotiated

Montijo’s City Council and the Portuguese Air Force are negotiating with ANA and the Portuguese Government the compensations for installing a civilian terminal for low-cost flights in air-force base no. 6 of Montijo. VISÃO has been told, the parties involved are fine tuning details for a memorandum of understanding, to be approved soon and which will allow to start works next year, in order to be completed by 2018.

The use of the military air force base for civilian air flights implies the refurbishment of the current secondary runway of Montijo, which runs parallel to the main runway of Portela, since the main runway conflicts with flights from the mostly used runway of the Lisbon Airport. New connection accesses linking the Vasco da Gama bridge with the new passenger terminal must be built, implying a new toll charge station. There will also be some interventions in the local road networks of the counties of Montijo and Alcochete. River crossing connections are prioritised in this project and a fast connection to Santa Apolónia train station with a link to the cruise terminal is also foreseen.

This solution does not gather the agreement of all low-cost airlines operating in the Portela Airport. Whilst Ryanair sees it as positive change, although it claims for an autonomous airport management, independent from ANA, Easy.Jet is not satisfied, since it prefers to stay in the heart of Lisbon. Read all about it in tomorrow’s edition of VISÃO.




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